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Grief in it’s place

This spring has been a time of turmoil in many of the lives around me. Unexpected deaths, violence at schools, job losses, rebellious kids, identity issues. As we meet from week to week and month to month, I hear stories of failure, fear and despair. Some of these stories touch my life directly. Our culture…

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The S Word

Last week I was listening to a doctor speak to the UNC SOM group during lunch. It was a powerful testimony of faithfulness, discerning God’s will and trusting God even when life takes some odd turns. I was greatly encouraged by her story The most powerful part of her testimony came when she dropped the…

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Badge of Honor

I wear a badge. I was awarded it by a noble group of people who are highly esteemed in our culture. I announce that I have it regularly, and I have wrapped at least some of my identity around it. That badge reads “I am busy”. You have one too? The next time someone asks…

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Stop it!

I was trying to get some admin stuff done the other day, and a friend of mine called. The timing was not good as I wanted to push through what was in front of me. It was that kind of day, one interruption after another, one urgent need to the next. I’d like to say…

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New TCMDA Ministry to Victims of Human Trafficking. We Need Your Help and Skills.

Are you a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, physician’s assistant, optometrist, dental lab owner, durable medical equipment supplier, child health and safety retailer who is concerned about victims of human trafficking? Have you ever wondered how to get involved in providing direct services to trafficked victims? We need you. TCMDA is pleased to announce a new…

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What Is Triangle Christian Medical & Dental Associations?

Triangle Christian Medical & Dental Associations (TCMDA) is the central North Carolina local ministry group of the national organization Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA). We care for Christian healthcare students and practitioners in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas. Our mission statement is: “Cultivating and disciplining the Christian healthcare community to integrate faith…

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