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Missions is where we live. Every day should be seen as a ministry to others, not just a job. But for most of us, we work in environments where our clientele is very narrow. We are doing great ministry to a slice of our communities, but what about the rest? Those without means, those living in the shadows, those who live outside of our borders, they need help too. The reality is that if you are in healthcare, you are among some of the best educated, most skilled people in the world. You have a unique knowledge base with specialized skills that are lacking in many communities.

Sometimes God calls us to take some time each week or month to serve locally. Sometimes He calls us around the world for a week or two. But there are some of you reading this that God is calling to a total change in your vocational trajectory. He is calling you to a life of missions, whether that is in the inner city, in a rural community or in another country, God is telling you to go.

We believe that the responsibility of all Christians leads us to serve those who don’t pay, can’t say thanks, or seem to have caused their own problems. Jesus says clearly again and again that our heart should be to serve the widows, orphans, the poor, those in prison, the homeless, and yes, even our enemies.

Let us help you find opportunities to serve in this way. Maybe it’s with Samaritan Health in Durham or NeighborHealth in Raleigh. Or maybe it’s with a mobile clinic serving immigrant worker camps.

Would you like to spend a week or two in direct medical missions? TCMDA has several opportunities coming up and we’d love to have you. Not seeing something that fits, check out Global Health Outreach for many more opportunities. Do you have a trip you’d like to lead with local students and professionals? We can help you design that trip.

Did you know about the Good Samaritan Laws that protect you when you are doing domestic missions and ministry in North Carolina? If you are serving others at no cost to them and with no income for you, you are protected from liability claims against you. Click here for the details!


International Medical Missions



CLICK HERE for GHO trips


Plus: rotation (4 to 8 week) sites for 3rd and 4th year medical students in Jamaica, Haiti, and Ecuador.

Participants include: health care students (eg, med, dent, pharm, nursing, pre-med, post Bac) , health care practitioners; and faculty/spouses or any individuals with a loving heart of service.

Domestic Missions

Mobile Clinic outreaches throughout NC [dates & sites TBD]

  1. Migrant farm worker camps [every Wednesday night starting September 18th]

Interested individuals are requested to contact:

Dr Joe Cacioppo, Global Health Missions Chair & Director: Cacioppo@Campbell.edu /(910) 814-4973 [cell, 540-558-8530]

Robert Rose: Logistics Director: Rose@Campbell.edu [cell, 352-530-1174]