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A major focus of TCMDA is to help you while you are in school to connect with other Christians preparing for medical and dental careers. There are a variety of groups at UNC, Campbell, ECU, and Duke, some are focused more on fellowship, some more on discipleship. We also help connect students with faculty and other professionals to learn and even for mentoring opportunities.

If you are in a discipline that does not currently have a group, we’d be happy to help you get one started. These are all student-led groups, but we can help with communications, resources, and pizza! Because there is almost annual turnover in most of the programs, or students come and go from year to year with clinicals, rotations, and other requirements, we are continually raising up new leaders from year to year. If you’d like some Christian fellowship but are not into starting a group, and there is not a specialty group that applies to your field, feels free to join one across disciplines.

Most activities are lunch time gatherings every week or every other week. You can look up CMDA or TCMDA at your school or email our area director at corey.whittaker@cmda.org to get connected.

We also have monthly gatherings in the evenings through various programs, we offer local and foreign mission opportunities and we are here for you if you ever need help. Check the calendar page (link here) to keep up on all of our school based and area wide events and activities.

Currently we have groups at UNC in SOM, Dental and Pharmacy, at Duke SOM and PA and at Campbell SOM. We would like to add groups in nursing, OT, PT and NP. If you are involved in any of these programs and would like to help start a student ministry, please contact us.

TCMDA is working with the Theology, Ministry and Culture Initiative at Duke University. This is a unique 1 or 2 year program designed to help us think theologically about our medicine, our ethics and our lives in general. They also host retreats and on campus seminars. We encourage you to check it out!

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