The strength of TCMDA comes from its healthcare professionals. Women and men of all ages who have determined to see their lives in healthcare as a ministry come together for support, encouragement and fellowship through TCMDA. We understand the pressures of the medical and dental world.

We know you spend a tremendous amount of time and energy, giving up weekends and working long hours, to help others. The expectations are high, patients can be impatient, and the real fear of failure can be overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like you literally have someone’s future in your hands.

The great news is that as a Christian, you are not doing this alone. You have the Father who is sovereign over all things and your patients are in His hands. The Holy Spirit who indwells you to give you skill, wisdom and energy when the days get long. And you have the Body of Christ, your brothers and sisters, to be present for you, to be strong when you are weak, and to give you Godly wisdom.

Your local church should be your primary connection to the Body of Christ, but you are in a unique field with daily opportunities to be Jesus’ hands and feet and some times you need others walking the same road who understand your unique role when you need support or advice.

TCMDA exists to help connect you in the Body of Christ as it serves through Hospitals, Dental offices, Medical Centers, Home Care and wherever else people are being served because of health needs. We would love to help you find or even start a local prayer group, Bible Study, or fellowship group.

We would also like to help you through relevant continuing education, special speaker events and personal pastoral care if needed. TCMDA will also help you find opportunities to use your specialized skills in the mission field. Whether it is serving at a local clinic for the underserved like Samaritan Health or NeighborHealth, of working at an immigrant worker’s community or travelling to Haiti or Ecuador, we can assist you as you serve in missions.

We are also your local access point for other ministries through CMDA nationals like Side-by Side (for wives of Physicians), Women Physician in Christ, Christian Physical Therapists International, Christian Pharmacy Fellowship International and more.

Finally, we need you! You are TCMDA. You are the front lines that are healing, offering hope and raising up the next generation of providers. We need you to mentor students at Duke, UNC and Campbell. We need you to get to know one another so we can grow our network of believers in healthcare around the Triangle.

Together, we can be a much brighter witness to our workplaces, our communities and around the world. You are not alone as a Christian healthcare practitioner, but we know there are many of you who feel like you are. See our events page for updated listings of our group meetings and special events (link here). It is always a good idea to contact the Area Director before attending a group for the first time just to make sure it has not been rescheduled or cancelled for that week.


CMDA Specialty Programs

Women Physician in Christ, Christian Physical Therapists International, Christian Pharmacy Fellowship International and more.

Side by Side

CMDA national ministry for the wives of Physicians. We have chapters in the Triangle and near Campbell