A Note from our new TCMDA Area Director – Pastor Corey Whittaker

Next Steps

Throughout our lives, there are times when we see God’s plans clearly, and other times when we feel like we are in the wilderness. One of the things I have been delving into for the past few years is the concept of God’s sovereignty. At TCMDA, this is one of those times where God is moving the pieces around for the plans He has next. I am excited to be one of those pieces. I also know that the Lord has some great ministry ahead for Paul.

I feel blessed and privileged to be asked to enter into this ministry. The Executive Council has been very welcoming and encouraging and I look forward to serving with them. Paul has done an amazing job growing this ministry and loving those he works with. I am ready to listen and learn from him as I get underway.

I come to you with a desire to serve, to encourage and to empower. I hope to help students and practitioners alike in whatever ways help you to live lives more fully for Christ. I have been in ministry for 27 years with youth and adults and will provide any training, leadership, service or counseling that helps you be the men and women of God that He calls you to be.

Finally, on the personal side, I am happily married (23 years) and have a son at NC State and a daughter starting at UNC Charlotte in the fall. I love to hike, play volleyball, read, and watch football. I grew up outside of Washington, DC but have lived in Durham for the past 17 years. I look forward to meeting as many folks as I can in the next several months and I am excited to be working with Paul over the next 2 months.

Looking forward to meeting you and serving the Lord with you through TCMDA!