New TCMDA Ministry to Victims of Human Trafficking. We Need Your Help and Skills.

Are you a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, physician’s assistant, optometrist, dental lab owner, durable medical equipment supplier, child health and safety retailer who is concerned about victims of human trafficking? Have you ever wondered how to get involved in providing direct services to trafficked victims? We need you.

TCMDA is pleased to announce a new effort to provide medical, dental, and other health services and safety equipment to victims of human trafficking. We are collaborating with Project Fight of the Salvation Army and Project Access. In our initial stages, we will be focusing on the Triangle region of North Carolina.

Project FIGHT (Freeing Individuals Gripped by Human Trafficking) provides comprehensive case management for victims of human trafficking found in North Carolina and works to generate education and awareness about human trafficking in the community.

We even have a dedicated email address.

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How can I help in rendering care to trafficked victims?

TCMDA providers can offer to provide direct services at no charge to the victims. If you are already a part of Project Access, we will contact Project Access to make the referral. If not, Darlene Parsons will be the liaison contact. You do NOT need to be a member of Project Access to provide care. If you, as a provider, are interested in being a provider through Project Access, you may call Pam Carpenter at Project Access or Darlene Parsons who will contact Project Access.

We have a particular need for dentists at this time.

There is access to Wake Smiles for extremely simple care: a filling, a cleaning, etc. Anything else needs to be referred outside. In the past 6 months, we have needed to find care for 5 clients.

How many clients will be sent to me?

This answer to this question is totally up to you. At any given time, the Project Fight is working with 45 clients (and family members such as children.) In an initial trial, we assisted with the care of approximately 9 individuals. Therefore, the individual provider need not be concerned that their office will be flooded with clients in need of care. Also, anyone who volunteers to see a client can request how many clients they would be comfortable in servicing in any time frame.

Example 1

Dentist Dr. Smith is willing to see 2 patients a year.
GYN Dr. Jones is willing to see 1 patient a quarter.

The provider can also stipulate what services they will provide.

Example 2

Dentist Dr. Smith is willing to due to 2 exams and provides 1 crown and 1 bridge per year.
GYN Dr. Jones will do 2 annual exams to include pap smears and follow-up per year.

Example 3

Smith Dental Lab is willing to provide 2 crowns or 1 replacement tooth per year.
Gray’s Prosthetics will provide one brace not to exceed $1500 per year

Example 4

Big Box Baby store will provide 20 packages of diapers per year.
Joe’s Kid store will provide two car seats per year

What if I discover the client needs to be hospitalized?

This is where Project Access can step in and provide inpatient and specialized medical services.

Can I get a tax write off for this service?

Yes. The Salvation Army will provide *donations in kind* documentation based on the practitioner’s usual and customary charges for the service

What if I don’t want to see a client but would like to donate money?

Please contact this link 100% of all donations will go directly to the clients of Project Fight and are tax deductible.

Who can I contact to discuss questions or to volunteer?

Darlene Parsons, a former public health nurse, will be reaching out to Christian providers to meet specific healthcare needs. She will serve as a liaison between TCMDA, Project Access and Project Fight.

Please send an email to Darlene Parsons at

Tell me more about Project Fight and Project Access

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