Triangle CMDA is the Central Carolina chapter of CMDA. Our mission is local, regional and global. In our ministries, we are a part of a national organization of healthcare ministries. The question is, "Why should I join?"

Here's a quick list of benefits you have by joining CMDA:

  • Connections with thousands of Christian Practitioners around the country, and around the world
  • Fellowship and Networking
  • Digital and print resources
  • Mentoring
  • Mission opportunities
  • Ethical and Malpractice counseling
  • Life-coaching
  • Placement services
  • Continuing Education
  • Christian witness and influence in the workplace and in public policy
  • Local and National events to help marriages, enhance your practice and prevent burnout

If you are a student, your dues are underwritten for you so there is no cost to you. There are graduated rates for residents and non-health care professionals as well. By joining in local TCMDA events and joining with CMDA nationally, you become part of a huge network of Christians who are all working as part of the Body of Christ in the world. Through encouragement, education, and a common ministry, we grow our visible witness are empowered to share the Gospel and live out a ministry of mercy.