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2019 Healthcare Symposium

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On March 2nd, healthcare providers from all over North Carolina will gather at the Carolina Country Club, (2500 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh)  to hear the latest research, legislation and issues brought on by the opioid epidemic and the legalization of marijuana. Join Dr. Robert Horne, Dr. Bill Claytor, Dr. Christian Thurstone and Justice Paul Newby from 8:30-2:30 to address the realities we face as prescribers and caretakers when caring for others.

Up to 4 continuing education credits are available for doctors, dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses.

The opioid epidemic is ravaging our country, destroying lives from all walks of life. Legal use and illegal abuse of this class of drugs is ever increasing with devastating effects. How do we balance pain management, patient expectations and the real risks of addiction?

Marijuana is growing in cultural acceptance, a potential medicinal source, and a drug surrounded by misinformation. Is it also the next American epidemic, or is it a harmless recreational choice? We need to know the truth so we are well informed as we not only talk with patients, but also our families, churches and schools. People look to us for answers and we need to be prepared to give accurate, Godly, compassionate responses.

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Click here to view accreditation information and the schedule. Welcome Letter Patients Drug Provider